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Dua To Save my Relationship islam

while love is not a plant,it is funny how it flowers in spring and how summer and sun feed it in and make it prosper.There is no perfect relationship or anything like it . When both sides of the couple feel such great love ,then the relationship can...
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Wazifa To Convience Husband Wife Relationship

pite he weh apka deewana ho jayega. apki मुहब्बत  ke bina use chain nahi ayega . मुहब्बत karne weh kisi se dil lagane weh kisi ko apna banane dil jitne bhi tarike weh अमल thee humne yha दर्ज  kiye hai inse ap jayaj kaamo mai fayda utha sakte hai . yeh...
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Dua To Get Your Love Back In Your Life

************************अल्लाह रेहम*************************** What is love ? how we can find love ? what happen when we lost it ?how a person fall in love? why people fall in love with a person they do not know ? and so on …………….. There are many questions  which comes in...
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