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Dua To Save my Relationship islam

while love is not a plant,it is funny how it flowers in spring and how summer and sun feed it in and make it prosper.There is no perfect relationship or anything like it . When both sides of the couple feel such great love ,then the relationship can grow,advance and discover new horizons.It is important that you value the relationship. Husband and wife are two wheels of cart.Both keep equal importance in each other’s life but after knowing all this why spouse are getting divorced after divorce life doesn’t remains as good as it was before.I really don’t understand the reasons behind divorce.If the reasons are as follows:- 1.Suspicious nature of partner =suspecting your partner on each and every small thing is nothing but absurd.This makes life hell. 2.Lack of passion/Mismatch level of desire=we can never deny that we all have carnal desires which need to satiate and we expect our partner to be compatible not only in general conugal isssues but also in bed.But unfortunately because of work stress there is less physical intimation between couples 3.Extra marital affairs=people fall out of love in marriages now and then.and this leads to the entry of third person in a realationship of spouse. 4.Family yours or mine=it is one of the major reason of fights between husband and wife .Both of them want to keep their family superior. 5.Ego=i will keep it at top of the list as i feel ego is something that spoils marriage life.one should keep their aside. There are many more reasons like taking care of children, money matters,quality time ,etc.which turns a beautifull married life into worst.But it could be solved if there is a proper communication between husband and wife . relationship is made in heaven and we need to maintain it in this world .So from the core of my heart i want that no one shoult get divorce . thats why i am here to solve your all problems related with marriage .you are just a call away from a solution.Get free from your problems within 5 days after the date of call.



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